Information regards the upcoming event.



this is just Charlies crazy bouncy castle team dropping in to give you a little update and information on the event coming up.


we hope you keeping well.


as you are aware we running multi sessions on the day please check your email for the session you are booked in for, please.


if on arrival you have attended the wrong one we but unable to allow you in down to the safety of everyone attending on the day.


parking is available on the day, but space will be limited. as we are aware there are no restrictions in place, but we do ask you if you choose to drive to the event, please don't block people driveways or park double yellow lines. we wouldn't be able to help if you were issued a penalty charge notice.


we do try to recommend using public transport if you can but not everyone can, and we understand this is not possible for everyone. if you need help getting to the location, please don't hesitate to drop us an email and we can send you a route planner to help.


We advise people to try and be 10 minutes early to their time slot. we hope to get everyone in quick as possible and safe as possible. as we expect to be super busy, please have tickets printed or on a mobile device so we can see them. everyone who attended will be given a wristband, so we know you at the correct time slot.


On the day staff will be wearing a bright orange t-shirt that will say event staff on the back. if you need help or any information, please don't hesitate to ask someone who is more than willing to help. we advise mum and dad as well carer to let kids know who we are if they need help, and we are more than happy to help. don't worry we don't bite.


There be soft drinks and drinks for adults for sale on the day as well multiple food items. we asked if there were any medical conditions allergens, please drop us an email so we can advise and help you where we can.


We are asking if possible for people to not bring their own food and drink to the event. (Baby are excluded from this) we have a large range of food and drinks for sale on the day. from fresh hot dogs to freshly cook chips. oh and cant forget sweet or salty popcorn too. 


The address of the event is

The hub (scout hall)

briset road


if you click the link it takes you there


jump over to our Facebook group and see all the amazing things that go on and little updates too.


If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to email us at


or give us a call or what app on



thanks again we look forward to seeing you at the Christmas event.

Charlie crazy bouncy castles team


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