Thank you for choosing us for your party hire. We look forward to meeting you and putting a smile on your little one face.


Below is just some information we need to make you aware of this the boring part of booking in with us.




  1. All bookings are subject to weather conditions. If your hire is outside and gust speed is over 24mph we are not allowed by law allow to set up an inflatable. With all bookings, we will try our best to do a site visit. If on-site visit the speeds checks failed, we must cancel your booking. Safety comes first in our eyes. If your castle is cancelled due to weather or our fault a full refund will be issued. -IF YOU HAVE BEEN warned of weather changes throughout the day and still want to go ahead with your castle no refund, no partial refund will be offered if the weather is not on your side.


  1. we only hire on a grass area. If you have Astro, we will still need to peg through your Astro. If this is the case, please let one of our team members know so we can send you different teams and conditions for a hire.


  1. We asked the area you are using to please make sure it is clear of rubbish and grass it cut (please don’t do this on day of drop off )  if on arrival dog poo or garden is not clear of rubbish we will give you chance to fix the issue but if deemed that time scale would take a long period of time we will have to leave and you be still responsible for the booking to be paid.


  1. ALL GARDENS MUST BE MEASURED BEFORE booking with us, any bookings which have not been measured correctly is not down to us. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff who will be able to advise you better on the matter. If on arrival the castle you book doesn’t fit or is not able to be set up safe you will still be charged the full hire price on the day.



  1. HALL HIRE:  when booking in for a hall please make sure you check the space required on all castles. Please bear in mind we require 13ft hight on ceilings. If you are unsure, please message us and we are happier to help


  1. -ALL CUSTOMERS are liable for any damages to the castle, we have a disclaimer form we will ask you to sign on arrival, failure to do this means we will not hire, and you be again asked to clear the outstanding balance. WE EXPECT all castles to be in the same condition as when we have dropped them off, we wash and sanitise all castles however removing your rubbish would be less time consuming for us packing up.


  1. -WE DO NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSE TO ANY OF OUR STAFF. We have a right to cancel and not refund your deposit (our time) so please treat us respectable how we will treat you.


  1. Thank you again for the continued support, we love to hear your thoughts, please feel free to SNAP, TAG AND SHARE any photos on social media of our equipment being used, we are also on Google reviews.


If you could please take a moment to watch our lovey safety video too below this help us make sure everything makes sense.


At the top of the page there box for you to please fill in. you be emailed a copy with all the terms and conditions of booking.


Again we look forward to seeing you 



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