Welcome to the page were we happy to welcome other companies for some amazing work they can offer to you. 

With some of the other company, we offer a discount when booking and purchasing through them.

Sweetie sour:

a small local company that been going for over 5 years doing all your retro sweets as well as some amazing hampers.

All Your Favourite Retro Sweets, Plus Newbies and Hampers made for any occasion.

buy any sweets or hamper from sweetie sour and we offer a 10% off booking with us. 


Our Personalised Creations:

looking for a birthday present and want to be that extra special? well why not pop over and see what they got going on amazing deals they do and quality stuff as well.

Our personalised creations have been proudly providing high-quality products and services to customers on the Facebook page since 2019. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers, please feel free to check our Facebook group for any reviews.

wait it get better. we offer a 10% discount on any purchase with our personalised creations.

all discounts are subject to teams and conditions.


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